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It's almost like a Siri because u can text something like "I love you" If u are in to that type of stuff, and it will be like "I love you too" It's amazing really but besides that u can put in almost any equation and it will answer. Definitelty recommend.

Stuart Pharr

The app got me through middle school and high school math, and this is an amazing app for studying and doing math homework. They can use photos, typing and even voice too. On God I love this app😭😭😭.

James Dennis

If you can solve problems like ax + by = c solve for y, i love this app! It helps me with all the math I don't understand and it explains exactly how to do it, all u have to do is take a picture of the problem you are sruggling woth and it explains it step by step, its very helpful to me, i think more kids should be getting this app, it's Amazing.

Matthew Chambers

GCD calculator

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GCD Calculator

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Greatest Common Factor ( GCF )

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